Three ways to Feel Better by Bedtime

  Christmas might just be my favourite time of year. The gift giving, spending time with family and friends and the fact that everyone seems to be in a perpetually good mood. But perhaps the greatest thing about the festive season is the smorgasbord of food on offer. This holiday season I ate my way through several Christmas parties, numerous office treats and a Christmas day that felt like one long meal right into Boxing Day. They say that good food is one of life’s greatest pleasures and I have well and truly indulged, leaving no treat left un-tasted. However,… Continue Reading

Herbosophy — My New Favourite Herb Supplier

  I’ve been taking natural herbal supplements for as long as I can remember. However, they can be expensive and it is often time consuming to find organic and unrefined products. I recently discovered an online herb supplier, Herbosophy. A family run business in Perth, Western Australia, Herbosophy offers a range of quality herbs that are encapsulated on order. This means you are receiving the most fresh and pure herbs that are filler and preservative free. Their range is diverse, with herbs I’ve never heard of before on offer. Whilst I recommend consulting a healthcare professional before commencing a new… Continue Reading

Talking Nutrition with Jacqueline Alwill

  The final workshop to take place in The Canberra Centre’s health and wellness destination Eden was a nutrition workshop lead by the founder and director of The Brown Paper Bag, nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill. As well as running a thriving nutrition business, Jacqueline is also a whole foods cook with a new book out entitled ‘Seasons to Share’. What was billed as a discussion of the four pillars of health (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) turned out to be so much more. ‘The four pillars are always evolving and growing, we can’t put any clear line between them and that’s… Continue Reading

Q&A with Alex Tobin, Leiden’s newest Health and Wellness expert

  We did a Q&A with Leiden’s newest health and wellness expert, Alex Tobin, this week. Alex shares with us how her passion for nutrition and health began because of her own health challenges. She reveals to us that she was headed to burn-out town, working long hours and living a high stress life until she made changes and experienced the benefits herself. Here at Leiden our health and wellness experts aren’t like others. They not only have formal qualifications in health and wellness but they’ve overcome their own health challenges and have loads of personal experiences making them experts… Continue Reading

Meditation with Gary Gorrow

  No longer just the domain of hippies and those embracing an alternative lifestyle, the art of meditation and all of its associated benefits have gone mainstream. The latest workshop to take place within the Canberra Centre’s health and wellbeing destination, Eden, brought highly respected meditation teacher Gary Gorrow to Canberra to give a masterclass in this ancient practice. Amongst his many qualifications, Gary is a Vedic meditation practitioner (Master teacher) , an Ayurvedic health coach, and a mindfulness expert. As well as teaching the likes of Yasmin Sewell, Gemma Ward, Jessica Gomes, and Zoe Foster Blake, Gary has worked with… Continue Reading

Wellness with Bianca Cheah of Sporteluxe

  Last weekend we headed out to a masterclass with Bianca Cheah put on by the Canberra Centre as part of their holistic health and wellbeing event, Eden. Bianca is the founder and editor of online destination Sporteluxe, a digital publication exploring health and wellness as well as beauty and fashion through a wellness lens. Bianca is a highly respected social media influencer and is dedicated to sharing her wellness philosophy through her online and social platforms. ‘I founded Sporteluxe in 2012 as a personal blog. I was so engrossed in the fitness industry at the time but I couldn’t… Continue Reading

womenCANplay Launch

  On a crisp Canberra morning, I found myself out the door at 7:15am and heading to the launch event-breakfast for womenCANplay, hosted at the YWCA. A not-for-profit organisation that was founded in Canberra, womenCANplay offers an interactive online hub for women who wish to get involved with sport and other activities in the ACT. This NGO was founded by Hannah Massingham and Billi McCarthy-Price after they moved to Canberra and discovered a gap in the market for information on female sporting and recreational opportunities.   ‘We wanted to help ensure that every women, regardless of age, race, religion, ability,… Continue Reading

Turmeric Lattes with the Golden Grind

  Turmeric is an aromatic powder that has been celebrated in eastern countries for centuries for it’s healing properties and is commonly used as a spice in curries and hot drinks brewed over the stove (namely in India). However the turmeric hot drink has now become equally celebrated in western society, trending in popular cafes around Australia due to the creators of Golden Grind. Golden Grind is a turmeric blend founded by co-owners husband and wife team Tahli and Renwick Watts and sister Sage Greenwood. The group were working together in their own café, Evolve Food Store in Belgrave, where they started making… Continue Reading