How to Avoid a Bad Hair Day – The Products You Need Now

  So this morning I rolled out of bed all ready for a fresh day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, what a beautiful day it was going to be! Then as I walked into the bathroom I caught a glimpse of myself on the mirror. Stopped dead in my tracks, I stared at the ghastly mess of hair on top of my head. Bad hair day. Luckily for me I have a huge arsenal of hair product with which I can use to tame the dreaded beast. But it got me thinking about the days before I… Continue Reading

A Beauty Masterclass with Eleanor Pendleton of Gritty Pretty

  On a cold, foggy Saturday morning, I was lucky enough to attend a beauty masterclass lead by Gritty Pretty editor, Eleanor Pendleton, at the Canberra Centre. Eleanor was warm, open and fun, it was a pleasure to hear her speak about herself, her business and all things beauty. Like most of us, Eleanor’s first beauty memories are associated with her mum. ‘She had a morning ritual of moisturising from head to toe’ she laughs. ‘I’m also one of two sisters; we were always playing with makeup.’ In her teen years Eleanor described herself as a bit of a tomboy… Continue Reading

My Hair Story: Exploring One Girl’s Relationship with Hair

There is one question I have been asked more times than I can count: “Why do you change your hair so much?” And I never know what answer people are looking for. It has become a normal part of my life to change it up regularly. Growing up I went to a private school where it was pony tails and buns every day. There was no opportunity to have fun with my hair or experiment with it, so I never thought about it any other way. It wasn’t until my sister took me to a nice salon for my birthday… Continue Reading