‘Bega Court, or Bega flats, was an ACT Government Housing complex established in the 1950s and was the first place I lived. Being only brief and in the first year of my life, I don’t remember anything and have viewed it only from the outside for the following 2-25 years. In more recent years, I’ve found myself admiring the buildings for their Post-War International style design and continued purpose, and perhaps also accepting my earlier connection to the dwellings – realising I shouldn’t be embarrassed for having… Continue Reading

Colour Field

                    Credits Concept/Art Direction: Caleb Williams and Sanjana Alex Photographer: Caleb Williams / www.calebwilliams.com.au / Instagram @caleb3200 Model: Sanjana Alex Designer: Sanjana Alex / Instagram @sanjanaalexdesigns   Sanjana has designed a ‘one off couture concept dress’ inspired by recent scientific research on the PTE enzyme, an enzyme which could play a key role in the break down and purification of toxic chemicals. Sanjana told us: ” …I manipulated techniques such as beading, embroidery, dyeing and pattern-making to represent each stage of finding the PTE protein’s structure. It begins at the very bottom of the… Continue Reading