An Interview with Barry Conrad

  There appears to be nothing Barry Conrad can’t do. He is the ultimate triple threat: he can sing, dance and act and has appeared on stage and on screen. After becoming a household name after making it to the Final 12 on X-Factor, Barry has gone on to open for international musical acts, perform in a string of hit Musicals including Grease: The Arena Experience, and act in an award winning film. We caught up with Barry ahead of his role in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical opens in Sydney in September to find out all about him.  … Continue Reading

We Are Ariana, We Are Manchester

  This week I, like most people, was horrified, heartbroken and furious to hear about the terrorist attack on the Manchester Arena at the end of Ariana Grande’s concert on Monday night. Terrorist attacks are always sickening to hear about, but something about this particular attack feels incredibly personal. Already in my life I have shed a lot of tears for the atrocities that terrorists have committed, but the heart-wrenching tears of devastation and rage I have shed this week are something new. Unfortunately, we live in a world where terror attacks are happening more and more often. Every week… Continue Reading

VELVET – Entering Disco Wonderland with Rechelle Mansour

  ‘I started dancing when I was three. I was a crazy kid at home; I wouldn’t sit still so my parents were like “lets channel her energy into dance.”’ The story of how Rechelle Mansour came to dance is probably a familiar one for most of us. I certainly have fond memories of climbing into my leotard and being taken to class to dance myself sleepy after school. For a lot of us, though, our passion for dance dwindles as we get older and the dreams we had of being a professional dancer get pushed aside to make way… Continue Reading

A Bloody Adaptation – Adele Querol on Dracula

  There is no denying that vampires have been the fantasy creature de jour for some time now. We have Twilight to thank for that, plus the slew of other vampire related programming that followed. But where did our fascination with these pale-faced, sharp-toothed beings begin? Now, vampires have been around a long time, but it wasn’t until 1897 when Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula brought them to life in their modern context. This gothic thriller unleashed the now iconic characters of Count Dracula and Abraham Van Helsing on the public. Since it was first published, the novel has inspired many… Continue Reading

Dr Blake’s Ballarat – An Exhibition

  Have you ever wondered what goes into making a successful TV show? What about one set in Ballarat in the late 1950s? The costumes, the sets, the locations; how do they make everything look so damn good? All these secrets and more will be revealed in a new exhibition exploring the making of internationally successful ABC drama The Dr Blake Mysteries. The exhibition, Dr Blake’s Ballarat, is hosted by the Sovereign Hill’s Gold Museum and will run until the 3rd of September. The exhibition is presented in two parts: one looking at the Cast & Crew and one looking… Continue Reading

Ladies in Black – A Fashionable Musical

  I have to get something off my chest before we start. I don’t really like musicals. Yep, I said it. Well, that might be a teeny bit of an overstatement; what I actually cannot abide is sing-talking. Give me a musical that is essentially a play interspersed with songs and I will be happy. But if it is non-stop singing from start to finish, those inane sentences sung as though they are the most important statements on earth rather than the banal things that they are, fill me with such an irrational rage that I just want to run… Continue Reading

An Interview with Artist Alison Alder

  The state of politics both in Australia and overseas has never been so interesting; every day brings a new opinion poll, a new scandal or a trial by media. We are never a farther than a click away from the latest political tidbit. But what do you know about Australia’s first Prime Ministers? If you are anything like me, the only thing you will know is that our first Prime Minister was Edmund Barton and the only reason you will know that is because of that ad on TV when you were young. I can’t even remember what that… Continue Reading

Archibald Prize Regional Tour

Amongst the fifty-one faces portrayed in this years crop of paintings was that of Canberra born dancer and choreographer, James Batchelor, painted by Melbourne artist Marcus Wills. While Louise Hearman’s portrait of Barry Humphries took out the prize, our favourite of Batchelor was highly commended alongside a portrait of Wendy Whitley by Natasha Bieniek.     For those unable to make it to the Art Gallery of NSW to see all 51 finalists, the Archibald Prize has now set off on a regional tour, giving thousands more people the opportunity to interact with the art produced for this prestigious prize.… Continue Reading