GILLETTE not changing the world, just saving its skin

The world has gone into meltdown over the last couple of days. No, I’m not talking about the heat, I’m talking about the new Gillette marketing campaign. You’ve probably seen it, you’ve probably liked it, you’ve probably shared it and you’ve probably commented on it. No doubt, it has been a viral sensation. A million words have been written, a million salty bro-tears shed and a million ‘virtue-signalling’ platitudes given. Incels, MRAs and Proud Boys across the globe are throwing their Gillette in the bin and switching to Schick, while their ‘lefty snowflake’ counterparts are serving up schmaltzy drivel like… Continue Reading

Leiden Art Director Lexi Keelan does Inktober

All the way back in October, our art director Lexi Keelan took part in Inktober. Her illustrations were too cute not to share so we asked her to tell us a little bit more about them.   Emma: What is inktober? Lexi: Inktober is an Instagram art prompt challenge that was created by Jake Parker. The challenge takes place in October annually and participants produce an ink drawing each day for the whole month. There is an official prompt list brought out each year, but a lot of artists have started making their own or following other artist’s lists.  … Continue Reading


Bright, bold and a little bit dangerous. This is Skyline.                                 Credits Concept: Emma Batchelor and Rasi Gupta Photography: Jesse Petrie Photography Assist, Retouching: Alex Tricolas Model: Rasi Gupta / Instagram @la_vie_en_lens Styling: Emma Batchelor and Rasi Gupta Hair and Makeup: Rasi Gupta and Emma Batchelor Assistant: Erin Levey

Christmas table setting with Terri Winter from top3 by design

  Just like that another Christmas has snuck up on us. With the countdown now on it is well and truly time to start preparing. Sourcing the perfect gifts, cleaning the house, planning a meal; while Christmas is a time for meaningful connection with our loved ones, it can quickly become overwhelming with so much to do. We can help you with at least one task on your list, possibly two. Terri Winter, founder of retail concept store top3 by design, is no stranger to setting a beautiful, thoughtful table.  We caught up with Terri ahead of a Christmas Table… Continue Reading

National Recycling Week – An Ode to Recycling

  The past two evenings I have been struggling to write an ode to recycling. I wanted to mark National Recycling Week with a witty musing on the subject however, after devoting a total of four hours to the task, all I came up with was some flat, poorly written 346 words on soft plastics. I still gave it to our copy editor to edit, half-hoping he wouldn’t think it was quite as bad as I did, but of course he confirmed — it was total rubbish. He mentioned that in trying to come off as witty I had made… Continue Reading