An Interview with Alex Carson

  Alex Carson, one of Australia’s most successful commercial dance exports, has forged an incredible career overseas performing for the likes of Janet Jackson and Gwen Stefani. We had the privilege of sitting down with her ahead of a workshop Alex lead in her hometown of Canberra last year. We also chatted about growing up in Canberra, her amazing career and what’s coming up next for her.   Naturally I started our conversation by asking how Alex got into dance. ‘I was always dancing when I was little,’ she explained. ‘I always watched a lot of dance movies. I was… Continue Reading

6th Position – A Dance Studio For Adults

  Not only is taking a dance class a great way exercise, it has got to be one of the most fun ways there is to break a sweat.  So attention Canberra, there is a new dance studio in town for adults and it launches next week. We caught up with founder of 6th Position Gen Chan to get all the goss.   Leiden: What is 6th Position? Gen: It is the parallel position of your feet – but it is also Canberra’s newest ADULT dance studio!   L: What classes do you offer? G: We offer classes for adults… Continue Reading

An Interview with Eliza Sanders – Dancer, Creator, Innovator

  After recently seeing a double bill of two thought-provoking dance works pedal and Castles, to say the least we were intrigued. Presented by emerging theatre company House of Sand,  these innovative works mixed dance, theatre and cabaret seamlessly, deftly exploring subject matter often left untouched by the medium of dance. Each work was created and performed by Eliza Sanders and directed by Charles Sanders, the bother and sister behind House of Sand.  We sat down with Eliza, to find out more about the making of these works as well as her and Charles’ critically acclaimed new company.   What… Continue Reading

QL2 Connected – Contemporary Dance Explores Connection

‘In this digital age we are so connected to our phones, our computers and social media that it can create a physical disconnection. The digital age is a fabulous thing, but in some ways it is not. In being so connected through our devices we are losing the human-to-human connection and also the connection to ourselves.’ – Ruth Osbourne, Artistic Director QL2 Centre for Youth Dance   We at Leiden have recently been talking about the benefits of creating and maintaining connections within our community in our Building a Healthy Lifestyle series so when we found out the theme behind… Continue Reading

Shine On: An Interview with Chloe Chignell

Canberra born and Melbourne based, contemporary dance artist Chloe Chignell’s star is on the rise. She has recently received a Keir Choreographic Award, performed in Atlanta Eke’s ‘Miss Universal’ at Chunky Move and is set to perform in James Batchelor’s new work ‘Faces’. With her chameleonic appearance and versatility as a performer, we couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to explore the role of clothes in creating a character in our photo editorial ‘The Art of Costume’.   Leiden Editor Emma Batchelor caught up with Chloe to talk all things dance.   Emma: How did you first get into dance?… Continue Reading

Inviting Uncertainty – Dancing with the Contemporary

I am a choreographer, dancer and filmmaker based in Canberra and Melbourne. I make installations and performances using contemporary dance and other visual mediums as my primary tools. In January 2016, I began making a new work aboard the Australian Marine National Facility’s Investigator, a state-of-the-art research vessel designed for interdisciplinary marine research. This is a reflection on the role I am playing as a choreographer on the expedition. To begin with, we must put aside all surface associations with the word dance. We are not here dealing with dance as a mode of entertainment or recreation. I am talking… Continue Reading