Leiden Book Club Book 1- Great Expectations

  Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens, has been on my ‘classics to-read list’ for quite some time. It is a bildungsroman that depicts the psychological, emotional and moral growth of the narrator and protagonist, Philip Pirrip, nicknamed Pip. Be warned, this is a classic on the more voluminous side – and much more so than this writer expected (that is, I nearly missed the deadline for turning in this review). As an adolescent, I had read Oliver Twist and thoroughly enjoyed it for its satirical humour. I had expected to experience a similar enjoyment with Great Expectations; yet, I find… Continue Reading

Leiden Book Club

  You know we like to write but did you we like to read? Just like our old friend C.S Lewis, you can’t find a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit us. Which is why we are starting a book club, the Leiden Book Club to be exact. Here’s how it works: Leiden Book Club is for everyone. Each month we will read a fab book and then we will talk about how fab (or not) it is. Then at the end of each month we will post an article and some talking points… Continue Reading