News Round Up – February 2019

Fashion The Guardian Grace Woodward: ‘Clothes became my coping mechanism’ Eva Wiseman, 16/12/18 ‘For years, fashion stylist Grace Woodward worked for clients including The X Factor, Britain’s Next Top Model and Agent Provocateur. Now she has turned her back on it all. Here, she talks abuse, weight and naked selfies.’ Read More Business of Fashion Monetising Meghan Markle Elizabeth Homes, 17/12/18 ‘The Duchess of Sussex’s influencer past and a shift in stance from Kensington Palace has emboldened brands to better capitalise on the moment when the royal wears their wares.’ Read More Business of Fashion Vogue Runway Is Charging Some… Continue Reading

News Round Up: December 2018 3

  Fashion Business of Fashion Stella McCartney Announces UN Charter for Sustainable Fashion Tamison O’Connor, 29/11/18 ‘Speaking at BoF’s VOICES, the designer also revealed the launch of Stella McCartney Cares Green, a new charitable arm of her namesake label dedicated to promoting sustainability and protecting the environment.’ Read More   Beauty The Business of Fashion What’s Behind the Lip Gloss Boom? The 90s Nostalgia, Wellness and Tinder Kati Chitrakorn, 12/12/18 ‘High-shine lacquered lips are back on the beauty radar. But like its consumers, lip gloss has grown up and brands have made modifications to improve their formulas.’ Read More  … Continue Reading

News Roundup: November 2018 4

  Fashion Business of Fashion Can Dolce & Gabbana Weather Its Chinese Social Media Storm? Casey Hall and Zoey Suen, 22/11/18 ‘Retailers have responded to the outcry following a marketing campaign that many deemed racist by removing the brand’s products from stores and websites.’ Read More This story was broke by Diet Prada on Instagram @diet_prada. Head to their page to catch up.   Domestic Violence SBS News Counting Dead Women: The project keeping toll of Australia’s hidden ‘epidemic’ Nick Baker, 23/11/18 ‘Australia is experiencing an “epidemic” of fatal violence against women, according to an organisation that keeps a tally… Continue Reading