News Roundup: September 2018 4

  London Fashion Week Business of Fashion London’s New Guard Is Still Kicking Christopher Morency, 15/9/18 ‘On the first day of London Fashion Week, emerging labels Kiko Kostadinov, Xu Zhi and Matty Bovan pushed boundaries while embracing newfound commerciality.’ Read More   Business of Fashion In London, Independent Voices Test the Future Dan Thawley, 16/9/18 ‘This Saturday at London Fashion Week, Molly Goddard, Michael Halpern and Gareth Pugh showed signature pieces and new experiments.’ Read More   Fashion mbgplanet 6 NYFW Moments That Prove Eco-Fashion Is Coming For Your Wardrobe Emma Loewe, 13/9/18 ‘Some designers are starting to move the… Continue Reading

News Roundup: September 2018 – 3

  New York Fashion Week Man Repeller Fashion is Finally Embracing a New Kind of Sex Appeal Harling Ross, 12/9/18 ‘The link between style and sexuality is both obvious and inextricable, not only in terms of the tension between what is revealed and what is not, but also because of how thoroughly these threads are woven into the tapestries of our identity: a merging of the physical (clothes, bodies) with the emotional (power, desire, self-expression). Cultural norms dictate many of the ways these two worlds intersect, but a number of designers at New York Fashion Week have been offering up… Continue Reading

News Round Up: September 2018 – 1

  Fashion Buzzfeed In Stories About Fashion’s Behind-The-Scenes Icons, Should Sexuality Matter? Pier Dominguez, 22/8/18 ‘New films about Alexander McQueen, André Leon Talley, and Kevyn Aucoin raise complex questions about how their identities have shaped their work and lives.’ Read More   Fast Company Why racism is so entrenched in the fashion industry Elizabeth Segran, 25/8/18 ‘The fashion community has shown that it is willing to fight for social justice and progressive causes. So why hasn’t it done more to grapple with racism in its own ranks?’ Read More   Sydney Morning Herald Shoes of Prey on verge of collapse… Continue Reading

Vestiaire Collective

  This luxury resale business originated in Paris but now operates all over the world including Australia. Vestiaire Collective isn’t your average online marketplace, here you can both buy and sell pre-owned fashion. With 30,000 new items submitted by a community of sellers each week so you are guaranteed to find something that catches your eye. And don’t worry about fakes, items are checked for quality and authenticity.   Who: Women, Men and kids. What: Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton – all the luxury labels are there. How Much: $$ – $$$$ depending on what you are after. Why: We love… Continue Reading

Leiden Podcast – Episode 14: An Interview with Kim Vella

  This is Leiden Podcast a fortnightly (ish) podcast discussing all our favourite things: fashion, beauty, health and fitness. But we don’t stop there, we also interview amazing people, talk about relationships, books, pop culture, money and sex. After a brief hiatus we are back with a new episode where we discuss coaching, leadership and the importance of sleep with Dr Kim Vella who shares her expertise as an executive coach and drops helpful tidbits like no body’s business. Leiden Podcast and it’s catchy jingle are produced by the greatest guy around Roshan Fernandez. Our artwork features an illustration of… Continue Reading

An Interview with Aeora – Music, Collaboration and Letting Loose

  After a huge couple of years that have seen her showcase not once, but twice, at Canadian Music Week and perform alongside the likes of Flower Drums, Evangeline, SAATSUMA and Vincent Sole, Australian pop electronic vocalist and producer Aeora has recently released her sophomore EP Let Loose. The lead single I.G.I, produced by Haxx (you might remember his name from our profile on Kult Kyss a little while ago), explores letting go  — ‘I.G.I perfectly embraces everything I’ve been feeling and thinking and focuses on that one moment of pure happiness when you let go,’ Aeora explained. We caught up with… Continue Reading

August 2018 – 3

Fashion The Fashion Law $500 Million in Counterfeit Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel Goods Seized in One of the Largest Busts to Date 16/8/18 ‘The Department of Homeland Security seized counterfeit handbags and other accessories that would have a value of $500 million – if authentic and sold at retail – at ports in New York and New Jersey, as well as in Los Angeles, as part of a sophisticated and elaborate scheme.’ Read More   Business of Fashion Fur: A Reality Check Mark Oaten and Nancy Daigneault, 17/8/18 ‘Not only is real fur continuing to make a strong showing on the catwalks,… Continue Reading


  Position #12 Waterfall This position is for those who like something out of the ordinary. The penetrating partner lays face upwards with their head and shoulders off the edge of the bed while the receiving partner climbs on top with their legs in front and can control the depth and pace of this sexy encounter. The penetrating partner can enjoy a rush of blood to the head and an extra special view.   Leiden is celebrating sex one position at a time. Each fortnight we will be celebrating a different sex position in our sexy new illustration series featuring… Continue Reading