News Roundup: November 2018 2

  Fashion Business of Fashion The Case for Seeking Out More Diverse Influencers Elizabeth Holmes, 9/11/18 ‘On the heels of the #RevolveSoWhite controversy, influencers and agencies are pushing brands to feature a broader range of ethnicities, sizes and ages in their campaigns.’ Read More   The Fashion Law Alibaba Brings in $10 Billion in First Hour of its Single’s Day Shopping Event TFL, 10/11/18 ‘November 11th is Singles’ Day in China. The holiday – which was first celebrated in the 1990’s by young, single Chinese as a type of anti-Valentine’s Day – was co-opted by e-commerce giant Alibaba in 2009,… Continue Reading

Curvature and Couture: Design and the Pear shaped Woman

  Last night we attended the opening of a new exhibition by designer Bronwynne Jones, Curvature and Couture: Design and the Pear shaped Woman. After struggling to find clothes that suited her body shape, Bronwynne decided to take matters into her own hands. Under her label Thunder Thighs she creates garments for women whose waist to hip to thigh ratio isn’t catered to in mainstream fashion. Clothing, accessories and sculptural textile installations were all on display as well as runway event showcasing new designs. Within the main gallery of the M16 Artspace we crowded around a pop up runway lined by… Continue Reading

News Round Up: November 2018 1

  Fashion Sydney Morning Herald Kombucha jacket lands HSC student Heather in the London College of Fashion Jordan Baker, 22/10/18 ‘Heather Weir’s parents heartily support her dreams. She knows this because they allowed her to leave a kombucha mixture reeking of vinegar in their bathtub for 10 weeks so she could make fabric for her HSC fashion project.’ Read More   Sydney Morning Herald ‘No record’: Julie Bishop facing questions over Jimmy Choo shoes disclosure Latika Bourke & Kirsty Needham, 23/10/18 ‘Julie Bishop could be in breach of strict rules that stipulate ministers must pay for extravagant gifts, after receiving… Continue Reading

Legs Up

  Position #16 Legs Up Whether you are engaging in anal or vaginal sex, the legs up sex position will allow you to enjoy deep penetration. In this position the receiving partner lies on their back with the legs raised over their head while the penetrating partner enters them from the front, supporting their legs. The penetrating partner is in control of the angle, depth and speed of penetration while the receiving partner has their arms free to further pleasure themselves or grab onto their lover. This position is perfect when first experimenting with anal play.   Leiden is celebrating… Continue Reading

News Roundup: October 2018 4

  Fashion The Business of Fashion Why Fashion’s Anti-Fur Movement Is Winning Tamison O’Connor, 15/10/18 ‘Brands from Gucci to Michael Kors and DVF have recently stopped using fur, calculating that the goodwill generated with younger customers, and a reprieve from social media-amplified protests by animal-rights activists, is worth a few million dollars in lost sales.’ Read More   The Mirror Prince Harry slams fashion industry for plastic waste on visit to polluted beach with Meghan Markle Russell Myers and Tom Davidson, 18/10/18 The Duke of Sussex spoke of his concerns about the clothing brands while on a visit to South… Continue Reading

FASHFEST 2018 – What I Wore

FASHFEST time, for me, has become a highly awaited event each year. Being one of the runway models for the past two years, this year I am the special correspondent for Leiden at the event. So in addition to our usual runaway report, you get a quick run-down of how I went in full feather. Fashion events are a golden opportunity to get creative and experiment with every aspect of your look. It also brings the eminent pressure of googling ‘what to wear at a fashion show’ obsessively, contemplating buying a new outfit, renting outfits or certain pieces and what… Continue Reading

FASHFEST 2018 Runway Report

  Now in its sixth year, Canberra’s annual fashion event FASHFEST has switched it up to bring something new and exciting. The event began in a warehouse at the airport before moving to the National Convention Centre, which has been its home for the last three years. Just like in previous iterations, the event aims to celebrate more than just fashion. As well as the work of three designers, in 2019 FASHFEST will highlight and showcase the architectural gems that the nation’s capital proudly possesses. The first in a planned series of three events was held at the National Gallery… Continue Reading

A Visual Diary of a Light Tester

We loved these light test out-takes from our recent creative editorial ‘Into the Bath‘ so much we have decided to publish them as their own set.                 Credits Concept: Emma Batchelor and Rasi Gupta Photography: Jesse Petrie Lighting, Retouching: Alex Tricolas Light test model: Emma Batchelor Model: Rasi Gupta / Instagram @la_vie_en_lens Styling: Emma Batchelor and Rasi Gupta Hair and Makeup: Rasi Gupta Set Styling: Emma Batchelor / Instagram @emma.leiden Bathroom and snacks: Susanne Morton and Alex Tricolas