Leiden’s Most Read Articles in 2018

This year we published a staggering 264 pieces of content. Not bad considering we all have full time jobs! As 2018 draws to a close we have been looking back at the articles our readers have loved this year.   Number One- F45 Challenge Diary It made the list last year, but this year Emma’s F45 challenge diary has taken out the top spot as the most read article of 2018.   Number Two – Queer Eye for the Yass Guy In June this year, we broke the news that the fab five had come to town not to make… Continue Reading

Leiden Art Director Lexi Keelan does Inktober

All the way back in October, our art director Lexi Keelan took part in Inktober. Her illustrations were too cute not to share so we asked her to tell us a little bit more about them.   Emma: What is inktober? Lexi: Inktober is an Instagram art prompt challenge that was created by Jake Parker. The challenge takes place in October annually and participants produce an ink drawing each day for the whole month. There is an official prompt list brought out each year, but a lot of artists have started making their own or following other artist’s lists.  … Continue Reading

News Round Up: December 2018 3

  Fashion Business of Fashion Stella McCartney Announces UN Charter for Sustainable Fashion Tamison O’Connor, 29/11/18 ‘Speaking at BoF’s VOICES, the designer also revealed the launch of Stella McCartney Cares Green, a new charitable arm of her namesake label dedicated to promoting sustainability and protecting the environment.’ Read More   Beauty The Business of Fashion What’s Behind the Lip Gloss Boom? The 90s Nostalgia, Wellness and Tinder Kati Chitrakorn, 12/12/18 ‘High-shine lacquered lips are back on the beauty radar. But like its consumers, lip gloss has grown up and brands have made modifications to improve their formulas.’ Read More  … Continue Reading


  Position #18 Frotting In this non-penetrative form of sexual play male partners bring their penises together with the underside touching along their length so that one partner can masturbate both simultaneously. The warmth and contact of a second penis can lead to greater sensation than mutual, hands only masturbation. Give it a go standing up or lying down.   Leiden is celebrating sex one position at a time. Each fortnight we will be celebrating a different sex position in our sexy new illustration series featuring original artwork by Lexi Keelan.

News Roundup: November 2018 4

  Fashion Business of Fashion Can Dolce & Gabbana Weather Its Chinese Social Media Storm? Casey Hall and Zoey Suen, 22/11/18 ‘Retailers have responded to the outcry following a marketing campaign that many deemed racist by removing the brand’s products from stores and websites.’ Read More This story was broke by Diet Prada on Instagram @diet_prada. Head to their page to catch up.   Domestic Violence SBS News Counting Dead Women: The project keeping toll of Australia’s hidden ‘epidemic’ Nick Baker, 23/11/18 ‘Australia is experiencing an “epidemic” of fatal violence against women, according to an organisation that keeps a tally… Continue Reading


Bright, bold and a little bit dangerous. This is Skyline.                                 Credits Concept: Emma Batchelor and Rasi Gupta Photography: Jesse Petrie Photography Assist, Retouching: Alex Tricolas Model: Rasi Gupta / Instagram @la_vie_en_lens Styling: Emma Batchelor and Rasi Gupta Hair and Makeup: Rasi Gupta and Emma Batchelor Assistant: Erin Levey


  Position #17 CAT The playful name of this sex position actually stands for Coital Alignment Technique. It’s a variation of the good old missionary position, designed for increased clitoral stimulation. Now, this one is a bit tricky to explain but as with any sexual encounter, good communication and an open mind is all you need to make it work. Unlike the missionary position, where the penetrative partner’s penis is pointing upwards and the emphasis of movement is on the upward thrust, the CAT position requires the penis to be pointing downwards with the emphasis of movement on the downward… Continue Reading

News Roundup: November 2018 3

    Fashion Business of Fashion A Whole New World: Five Lessons Fashion Can Learn From Disney Faran Krentcil, 16/11/18 ‘As Mickey Mouse turns 90, he and the rest of his cartoon crew are enjoying a moment as fashion icons. Disney gave BoF a look behind the scenes at how it gets its iconic characters on everything from Gucci sweatshirts to H&M X Moschino T-shirts.’ Read More   Social Media The Australian Financial Review The influencers next door: why being small on social media can mean big bucks Sapna Maheshwari, 12/11/18 ‘You have probably heard of influencers, that group of… Continue Reading