Don’t Ruin Your Metabolism

  In the ever ongoing pursuit to look the way society tells us, people all over the world go on diets and exercise programs to achieve the ideal look and shape. When people start this journey, changing what they eat is par for the course. Science tells us when you eat less food, below the bodies energy requirements, you lose weight. Obviously you want the weight loss to come from body fat, with minimal amounts coming from muscle mass. This is why combining exercise with reduced food intake is great for losing fat and increasing or maintaining muscle mass. When… Continue Reading

Diet and Inflammation

  Over the past two months I’ve noticed way too many articles on the topic of diet and inflammation. So this has compelled me to write up a quick article to give you some background on inflammation and clear the air on the real impact of diet and inflammation. To start, when our bodies identify something as foreign or when we undergo some type of trauma the body reacts with an immune response. This immune response is designed to fight the foreign invader or fix the trauma to bring the body back to equilibrium. So an example of this is… Continue Reading

The Next Big Thing…No Not Really!

    Just imagine if this was the headline for a diet you were considering going on: ‘Turn your body into a fat burning machine, watch the fat melt away. Eat as much fat as you like and still lose weight.’   Now how about this headline, ’How would you like to eat a highly restrictive diet and find it almost impossible to eat out socially? Spend most of your spare time preparing and calculating how much food you can eat, decrease your exercise performance and increase your risk of heart disease and cancer? Then the keto diet is for… Continue Reading

Gut Reactions

  Not a week goes by when I don’t talk to someone who has some type of issue with their gut, or someone who has eliminated complete foods or foods groups in the belief it causes an upset stomach. Being an inquisitive type, I like to find out more information on the person so I would ask do they know which foods cause the symptoms, how long do the symptoms last for and does it cause other symptoms? Our bodies are amazing things but not all are the same. In the area of nutrition some people can have a range… Continue Reading

Trust Me, I’m an Expert

  When I woke up the other day I wasn’t feeling too well. I had a headache and a sore throat, so I rang a mate of mine who’s in the public service and has an arts degree and asked him what I should do. On the way to work I could hear a funny rattling noise in my car, so I rang a mate of mine who works in retail and asked him what could possibly be wrong. After training that evening, my left shoulder was tight and sore, so I rang my accountant to find out what could… Continue Reading

Fast Food Outlet or Supermarket Chain?

  Why do we always demonise the large fast food chains (McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut) for the apparent poor quality of the food they peddle? Sure they sell food high in fat, salt and sugar and it’s priced so the food is affordable to everyone but who really sells the unhealthiest food? The number of McDonalds restaurants in Canberra back in the 1980s was two, now there are over 15 and all are conveniently located in more suburban locations with a few located in the larger shopping precincts like Civic and Belconnen; the same applies to KFC. But what about… Continue Reading

Don’t Eat That!

  What if I told you could eat carbs? That’s right, bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, all the foods shunned by most mainstream diets or eating fads. The anti-carbohydrate movement has had a huge impact on food consumption behaviours over the years for many people. The marketing and hype surrounding the anti-carbohydrate movement is generally based on unfounded evidence and is simply trying to blame specific nutrients on weight gain and disease development. Peoples eating behaviours are now judged based on the number of super foods (whatever they are?) it contains and the lack of carbohydrates they eat. If you… Continue Reading

Meal Planning – What Type of Planner are You?

  What type of meal planner are you? You may not be a meal planner at all. Of all the topics I get asked about, the most frequent is meal planning. If you’re like me, you are consistent and follow routine. This means your breakfast, lunch and snacks are pretty much the same for most days and you have some slight variation on the weekend. Dinners are where I get most of my variety, but even then, it is usually some meat, some grains like pasta or rice and a good serve of vegetables, with a glass of red. On… Continue Reading