(Almost) Everything I wore in 2018

All the way back in January 2018 I set myself the challenge of taking a mirror selfie every day. Initially, I wanted to hold myself accountable to my new year’s style resolutions — making better use of the clothes I already owned, styling them more flamboyantly and actually doing something with my hair. However, as January drew to an end, thirty days of mirror selfies later, I knew I hadn’t finished playing sartorial anthropologist. For an entire year taking a photograph of myself after getting dressed became as integral a part of my morning routine as brushing my teeth or… Continue Reading

Christmas Movies that are so terrible they are actually good

  Rather than watching all my old favourites such as Muppet Christmas Carol and Home Alone, I have switched things up this Christmas and have instead watched all the trash movies on Netflix. Just in case you feel disposed to do the same, here are my recommendations.   A Christmas Prince The trash movie that started it all. Chances are you have seen it already so I don’t need to give you the hard sell but here it is just in case. Our blondish heroine is a serious journalist writing for a crap online tabloid who goes undercover in Aldovia… Continue Reading

Leiden Fiction: The Christmas Party

  She stood in the corner clutching a fresh drink in her slightly sweaty hand, shifting gently from foot to foot. The strappy sandals she had purchased especially for the party were now pinching her rapidly swelling feet. The reindeer ears, also newly purchased, had, two hours ago, added a much needed ‘although I work hard, I’m still fun’ vibe to her modest black dress. Now they were drooping drunkenly forward, threatening to fall off entirely. Fighting the urge to make a run for it while no one was looking, she instead allowed herself one more minute in her dark,… Continue Reading

News Roundup – December 2018 2

  Fashion Business of Fashion Chanel Is Banning Exotic Skins: Here’s Why Brian Baskin, 4/12/18 ‘The Parisian fashion house announced Monday that it would stop manufacturing products made from snakes, crocodiles, lizards and more, citing difficulty obtaining responsibly sourced skins. What does this mean for its bottom line, and for the industry at large?’ Read More   Business of Fashion Op-Ed | Why Chanel’s Exotic Skins Ban Is Wrong Daniel Natusch, Rosie Cooney, Tomas Waller and Grahame Webb, 6/12/18 ‘While well-meaning, the French luxury house’s move to stop manufacturing products made from snakes, crocodiles, lizards and other reptiles will hurt… Continue Reading

News Roundup – December 2018 1

  Fashion Business of Fashion Condé Nast to Merge US and International Arms to Form Global Company Chantal Fernandez, 27/11/18 ‘Bob Sauerberg, chief executive of the American operation, will step down after a global CEO is found. Jonathan Newhouse will become chairman of the board of directors.’ Read More   BBC News Fast fashion: ‘How do you justify selling a £2 T-shirt?’ 27/11/18 Big-name retailers have defended selling clothes for £5 or less, saying their ability to sell clothes so cheaply is down to business models. Read More   The Sydney Morning Herald ‘They had us fooled’: Inside Payless’s elaborate… Continue Reading

Rethinking the Black Friday Sales

  Lately every time I open my email or scroll through Facebook someone is telling me to get ready for Black Friday because a bargain is coming. This morning, I have been greeted with over 50 emails about Australian Black Friday sales. Fresh off the heels of Singles Day in China, comes Black Friday and its sister, Cyber Monday. This typically four-day weekend retail bonanza kicks off the holiday season, with 30% of the entire seasons sales last year taking place on Black Friday. This year  the sales have started earlier and the sales numbers are tipped to surpass previous years. In 2016,… Continue Reading

Christmas table setting with Terri Winter from top3 by design

  Just like that another Christmas has snuck up on us. With the countdown now on it is well and truly time to start preparing. Sourcing the perfect gifts, cleaning the house, planning a meal; while Christmas is a time for meaningful connection with our loved ones, it can quickly become overwhelming with so much to do. We can help you with at least one task on your list, possibly two. Terri Winter, founder of retail concept store top3 by design, is no stranger to setting a beautiful, thoughtful table.  We caught up with Terri ahead of a Christmas Table… Continue Reading