The Overblown Stigma of Herpes

  I was recently diagnosed with Type 1 of the Herpes simplex virus (HSV). I didn’t understand how this had happened to me. My own ignorance led me to believe herpes only happened to people who were sexually promiscuous and unsafe. I can’t be the only one who remembers laughing at the line in The Hangover that says ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… except herpes. That shit’ll stay with you.’ But that would never happen to me, right? I always did everything that society has arbitrarily deemed as ‘correct’ when it came to sex. I waited until I… Continue Reading

The Dating Game – One Girl’s Tinder Journey

  After eating too many blocks of Caramello, countless packets of Twisties, and rewatching The Notebook more times than I care to admit (yes, I am that pathetically clichéd), I emerged from my post-break up hole and was once again single and ready to bloody well mingle. Whilst I never imagined myself getting Tinder, after one too many vinos with my fellow single girlfriends, we were all downloading the app and swiping left, right and center. And so begins my weird and wonderful Tinder journey. Whilst I’ve had some fantastic experiences and great dates thanks to Tinder, there have also been… Continue Reading

Alexa Chung is set to Launch Her Own Label

  After a string of successful collaborations with fashion and beauty brands (AG Jeans, Eyeko, Marks and Spencer), British It-girl Alexa Chung is trading on her style icon status to launch her own namesake label. Alexachung will feature denim, daywear, shoes, jewellery, and evening wear at a ready to wear price point. Chung will fill the role of creative director heading up a six-person design team with former head of atelier at Haider Ackerman, Erin Bodson, as managing director. The first collection will be available in May 2017 from a select number of luxury retailers, both brick and mortar and… Continue Reading

Burlesque – A Chat with Sarina Del Fuego

  At Leiden Magazine we love a good costume. And what better type of costume than a Burlesque costume? When The Famous Spiegeltent recently came to Canberra, bringing with it Burlesque Idol: an intoxicating evening designed to support emerging burlesque talent, we were intrigued. We sat down the incredibly lovely Sarina Del Fuego, burlesque artist and producer to get the inside scoop on the world of burlesque.   Leiden: How did you get into Burlesque? Serena: I had been working an antique store and a record company and loved the art form. So [I] started collecting trimmings and costumes and… Continue Reading

How to Dress: No Nonsense Advice for the Discerning Dresser

  I think I need to start this article with a disclaimer: when you hear the phrase ‘how to dress for your body shape’, I know what comes to mind. Words like ‘apple’, ‘pear’ and ‘ruler’, that’s what. But don’t worry this isn’t one of those articles. I won’t be laying down the laws of dressing an hourglass figure. I am going to be giving some nice, friendly advice that can be applied to everyone, regardless of their size and shape. Yes there are four categories of ‘body shape’ and, yes we mostly all fall into one of those categories, but let’s face it, life’s too short to follow boring rules… Continue Reading