Outback Parisienne

Here we explore the contrast of high quality design from Paris and the harsh Australian landscape. While almost all pieces are vintage Chanel, the cut and fabrication is timeless; no piece would look out of place in a modern wardrobe. Natural hair is windswept, while bronzed cheeks and eyes echo the colour of the grass. Melbourne-based dancer, barre instructor and Leiden Contributor, Kara Burdack was our only choice to model the stunning pieces for this shoot.


Look 1a(1)

Vintage Chanel jacket from Claire Inc


Look 1b(1)

Vintage Chanel Jacket, Skirt and Shoes, all from Claire Inc


Look 1c(1)

Vintage Chanel Black Skirt, Shoes and Jacket (on ladder) all from Claire Inc


Look 2(1)

Vintage Chanel Top and Short set from Claire Inc, Chanel sneakers from Chanel Boutiques


Look 2b(1)

Vintage Chanel Top and Short Set from Claire Inc, Chanel Sneakers from Chanel Boutiques


Look 3(1)

Vintage Chanel blouse from Claire Inc, Vintage Chanel skirt from Resurrection Vintage New York


Look 4(1)

Vintage Chanel Shirt and Leather Neck Tie from Claire Inc


Look 5(1)

Vintage Chanel bustier from Claire Inc, Vintage Chanel Skirt suit from Resurrection Vintage New York

Look 6a(1)

Vintage Chanel Couture dress from Claire Inc

Look 6b(1)

Vintage Chanel Couture Dress and vintage Chanel shoes from Claire Inc


Look 7(1)

Vintage Chanel dress and Bag from Claire Inc



Photography: Emma Batchelor and Claire Gatenby

Hair and Makeup: Emma Batchelor

Styling: Emma Batchelor

Model: Kara Burdack

Clothes: Stylists own from Claire Inc and Resurrection Vintage

Team Leiden

Sometimes it takes more than one Contributor to make magic.


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